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Shoes Fashion Blog

Shoes Fashion Blog (28)

Friday, 21 October 2016 11:32


Written by
You go crazy for shoes?
Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Needless deception, women can never get enough. Now that we've finally leaving Winter behind it is time to update your wardrobe and decide what will your feet in the coming months. From the city of the Palio, in particular from the store Shoes Siena, some original proposal that meets the expectations of the most demanding and refined women.
The footwear available in the online catalog of shoes Siena are products with premium quality materials and cutting edge design, derived from an artisan experience that emphasizes elegance and comfort: what only the "made in Italy" can guarantee!
Caterina Lucchi, Gianni Marra, Janet & Janet, Lemaré, and OXS are just a few of the brands that populate the online shop and collections that are synonymous with Italian excellence.

Not just another online store but a new way to shop. A site that encompasses so many different stores in one place. Are you looking for a particular pair of shoes? The dress for a wedding invitation? You don't know where to look and above all, don't have time to comb through all sites? Stileo is a smart solution. Many stores all in one place.
Basically Stileo is an aggregator of various stores and brands in fashion; has the partner offers, makes it easier for customers to search clothing through the various filters and redirect them to the store of interest to proceed with the purchase. Navigating is easy. There are trends, proposals and categories including search and find inspiration. You can also see the whole collection of a brand. Or register to create combinations and post photos of outfit. Shopping is easy. Simply select the category you are interested in (women, children, male), the head (suit, trousers, etc.) and optionally restrict your search by selecting the clothes by color, price, size or style. Once chosen, simply click "go to the store" to buy directly from the official website of the brand. Then payment, shipment and any made dipendeneranno by the rules of the specific store.
The main advantages of using Stileo are two:
saves time in searching
lets make a price comparison
For example you are looking for a suit under the 40 euro? In section tendencies (here) there is already a nice selection is made. You will find different clothes shops in one page: Asos. Sarenza, Amazon, Kiabi and Zalando just to name a few.

The most interesting part? In my opinion the Outlet? Want to put simply display only site balances more than 80 shop online? People used to go shopping with click cannot certainly resist.


Friday, 21 October 2016 11:26


Written by is an online store with our historical experience from this shoe store in Siena in the city of Palio. Buy designer shoes and handbags and branded and original direct from the manufacturer without intermediaries by selecting the best materials and best workmanship, characteristics of true Italian craftsmanship, our brands are the expression of the true quality of MADE IN ITALY. Some of our brands are: DR. MARTENS, LOGAN, SALVADOR Currants, MACIAS, CULT, HUNDRED100, And ... VEE, EMANUELLE VEE, ROSSI OLIVIERO, BRECOS, MEDO_MLB, YAB, ZERO POEMS (own production), KOBRA, KBR, bags CAMPOMAGGI and CATHERINE LARKIN and many others! We seek the best of made in Italy and foreign trends.


Friday, 21 October 2016 11:17


Written by
Platform shoes: top models of autumn-winter 2016
Have (several) centimeters in height without the convenience will suffer. This is one reason why wedge-heel shoes are the three most loved by the fairer sex.
Another reason is their versatility and the fact that marry perfectly with the winter look: in the form of boots, pumps and sandals, perhaps to show off with a pair of colored socks for an original twist. The wedges for autumn-winter 2016, in short, are a must.
The proposals are many: in suede or leather, basic and chic or exaggerated with a sculpted heel and precious details.

Discover the gallery our selection and let yourself be tempted.


Friday, 21 October 2016 11:07


Written by
Calzaturificio Gabriele, Florentine company which produces shoes for over thirty years a symbol of Tuscan craftsmanship and made in Italy, brought new footwear collections spring summer 2017 D'acquasparta men and women, at Micam.
The collection focuses on the uniqueness of the models and high quality materials, with a stylistic revolution in women's collection, totally new shapes and colours. In addition, the line has a greater variety by introducing new models designed for a younger audience and fashion oriented but always rigorously made in Italy.
Candida fine leather high-top is enlivened by colourful patterns and fun as the press kiss or floral. The sole in fluo colour contrasting reflector gives character to the iconic tennis shoe low. The new glamour and gritty sneakers are worn even by night thanks to metal and luxury details. Wide range in collection of laminated leather slip-on, pastel or pavé of sequins, along with the inevitable athletic comfort with maxi-lightweight sole for women who love the convenience but do not renounce to the touch of sophistication of materials and details of sporty-chic style. Tradition, spunk and originality: a mix of passion and craftsmanship that is also reflected in the new men's shoe collection.

For him the Tuscan brand proposes a product highly distinctive alternative in the world of sports footwear. Lightness, flexibility and freshness of the shoe of Aquasparta. The modern sneaker cuts are revisited and custom with natural skins and leather along with touches of linen fabrics; the garment-dyeing makes each produced a single piece of high craftsmanship, enhanced by touches of gold and silver, using all-natural colors made from plant extracts, fruit of the experience of old leather. Using state of the art technology mixed with the taste and the wisdom of the Tuscan master shoemakers, a unique collection of its kind, but keeping the classic hallmarks of the brand: medieval Tuscan Heraldry symbols, details inspired by sport.


Saturday, 05 September 2015 11:05


Written by
Micam, 2016 summer footwear trend
Trends in shoes for the next warm season

Micam – Bodegones summer 2016
It is staged at Fiera Milano Rho the 80th Micam.

The international footwear presents the spring summer collections in 2016.
Protagonists in the stands as on the runways so the shoes we wear during the next summer season.

From design to neutral tones, to characterize the trend of summer 2016 we think in fact monumental style and impact through geometrical futurists and metallic materials, minimal but with an eye toward the future.

Strong references to the 50 's style. Vintage mood for the upcoming hot season rewrites their royalties by eliminating the excesses but without sacrificing taste. Green light for straw details and grosgrain Ribbon and floral prints. Mint green, cream and dusty rose, in pastel shades are the masters.

Trend between trends is sartorial trend revisits the traditional shoe with avant-garde details in a mix between classic and sporty. So fantasy prints, tartans and two-tone design meet extreme palette that isn't afraid to be excessive. The result is modern with a hint of rebellion that puts you at ease the bravest hearts.

Sport and technology in 2016 may not certainly miss. To close the summer 2016 protagonists trend these days at Micam shoe are more energetic mood that strong appeal to digital technology and the movement. In this case the go-ahead to design and maximalist and fluorescent tones.


Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:55


Written by
LEMARE's shoe of the moment ...


Lemarè is an Italian brand, who was born a few years ago; so it is still a little baby in swaddling clothes, but with a great desire to grow and to grow the has all in good standing.
The brand name is inspired by the famous Parisian "Le Marais", located on the right bank of the Seine. The term "marais" translated means swamp. The neighborhood became an important area of Paris, the new commercial heart, creative and artistic capital. From all saw the light of this new project, which uses ironically the name of the neighborhood, writing how to pronounce in English.
This new shoe has a completely new, very comfortable and nice to see, rushes the figure, thanks to the rise located inside. Great for a casual, street, young and contemporary; but especially for those who want fashionable.
Lemarè amphibian

Lemarè is extremely versatile, so don't worry, you can mix them and create a look all your own, are perfect with jeans, skirts and even with the big t-shorts and leggings. Also really satisfied SVE in terms of taste, there are so many variations, so it won't be hard to find one that suits you. Perfect for those who want to feel comfortable or for those women who spend the day standing rushing from one place to another, without wanting to feel the heaviness of the shoe heel, will appear anyway.

The Lemarè does not exist only in the sports version, but also in the amphibian model, booties and also costing about 195 euros. I was fascinated, as I love the convenience and not disdain a few centimetres.


Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:49


Written by
Kasia Smutniak cow-girl version for Janet & Janet
Defiant and ironic:
these are the two souls who embodies actress and model wearing the shoes of Janet & Janet for the short movie Janet goes West. Studded ankle boots heels ass alternate with more feminine pump but vaguely retro flavour

Kasia Smutniak is the protagonist of the new advertising campaign by Janet & Janet. Studded boots and chunky heeled pump, these are the shoes that features actress and model in the short movie Janet goes West and "stolen" photos backstage.

The 33-year-old of Polish origin is back on set to play the role of a real cow-girl tube, ready to face the rigors of army winter hat, boots and rebellious smile. The black and white chosen by Swedish photographer Johan Sandberg does nothing but enhance his eyes enimatico and inspired.

The pain for the loss of teammate Pietro Taricone seems outdated. Already a few months after the accident accident that had killed the former gieffina, Kasia said: "Peter lives in every blade of grass". For the past few months, moreover, has formalized its relationship with producer Domenico Procacci.

Kasia is the new testimonial of Janet & Janet will be online starting from September. And in the same month we can admire even in Venice as godmother of the upcoming Venice Film Festival.


Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:40


Written by
The Lotto Leggenda shoes in 3D
The Italian sportswear brand presents the app to view the entire collection of 3D leather sneaker, directly from your smartphone

Fashion and technology merged together. How? Thanks to augmented reality that will allow downloading an app created ad hoc, admire the entire 3D Lotto Leggenda collection directly on your smartphone or tablet, in all colours.

How does that work?
After downloading the free Sayduck app (available on the App Store and Play Store) will be enough to frame the picture Lotto Leggenda advertising to see 3D re-release of shoe history of 80 's and 90 's Tokyo. Then, moving the camera, you can see the shoes and approach to every detail: from the tip to the heel, from the upper to the sole and appreciate all the different colours available.


Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:32


Written by
100% Made in Italy

Aims to enable the consumer to ensure the Italian origin and quality of products bought.

Is made with all their parameters required by Italian law: adoption of the certification regulations, procedures, management of actions through forms and printed.
The certification is issued by the Institute for the protection of Italian manufacturers. The investigation and management of relations with the company for the certification is done by Promindustria S.p.A.
Approved project with co-funding by the Ministry for economic development.

100% certified Made in Italy that the Institute for the protection of Italian manufacturers release is carried out in line with the parameters laid down by Italian law:
Law nr. Article 166 of 16 November 20, 2009.
The company requires the certification declaring that satisfy the requirements (production entirely Italian, Italian semi-finished products, materials, style, traditional processing).
The company builds the specification and provides documentation proving the existence of the stated requirements.
The Institute will carry out inspections on the farm for the assessment of requirements and the compliance of the documented declared.
The investigation and management of relations with the company for the certification is done by the Promindustria delegate SpA. Studies of Accountants on the national territory are entitled to carry out the investigation.

Controls, budgets and serials, taken directly from the institution or from agencies or freelancers specifically delegates.


1) warranty
controlled and guaranteed confirmation of the value and origin of quality Italian product
2) labelling
not function under the simple Made in Italy
3) Traceability
sequential numbering applied to products
4) anti-counterfeiting
total security and corporate brand protection
5) Scouting
Research and investigation of potential distributors in foreign markets.
6) accreditation
certified companies at major international distributors
7) Awards
more advantages for companies on calls for regional, State facilities and community.


100% certified Made in Italy is the only one that guarantees the authenticity of the product. Each product type certificate can obtain benefits including:
-Confirmation of the value of true quality Italian product.
-Prestige Attaches to the product and consumer safety.
-Makes recognizable the real Made in Italy compared to partial Italian production labels or total foreign production.

Certify that a production is entirely made in Italy by adopting the brand 100% Made in Italy to be recognized worldwide for the superior quality of products treated in detail.

A brand that synthesizes in itself representative values of production quality, creativity and Italian style.

The Certification

100% certified Made in Italy is released only after a process of investigation and verification by the Institute for protection of Italian manufacturers.
Productions that can be certified with the "IT01 100% Italian quality" must have some preconditions which

Designed and produced entirely in Italy
Made with exclusive designer designs the company
Made entirely in Italy
Made with Italian semi-finished products
With traceability of the processes
Built with quality natural Materials
Individual compounds or natural materials
Quality materials and first choice for its intended use
With traceability of the origin of raw materials
Built on Traditional Machining
Company details
Using traditional techniques
Made in Respect of the work hygiene and safety
Made in full respect of labour
Under hygiene health and safety about places and products

On completion of the above procedures the company will be entered in the national register of Italian manufacturers.


Saturday, 05 September 2015 10:25


Written by
Hangzhou, China: 1° Excellent Park 100% Made in Italy
The Mortelle seals the deal: 20 creation of Parks Excellences in China, and the Chinese Government. The first Park will be inaugurated in October with the closing of the Expo.
We don't know how much the operation will cost Italian companies and with the hope that entrepreneurs of our beautiful country should not have to give businesses and losing, in addition to Brand, other jobs.
One thing is certain, the immense Chinese market must be tackled methodically and with great determination.
Giampietro Comolli at Vinitaly a professional look dallOsservatorio cheap sparkling wines 500 x 281 China, Hangzhou: 1° Excellent Park 100% Made in Italy
Some time ago, we spoke with Comolli Giampietro than we were back from France in the Chinese market. For years France has with Sopexa while our businesses, individually, are still in China as it once did Marco Polo.
The creation of these parks 20 100% excellence Made in Italy, in China and in other countries-also thanks to the international experience – Umberto Vattani, is definitely the right strategy but Italian companies must adapt and work as a team.
China not only wants, good food and wine and certificates, China wants our Italian and is willing to pay well: unless we are able to sell and do business, China will "take it". We are already winning terrain, we are careful not to become a colony.


Technical meeting to usher friendly parks by Italian companies in China. The Hangzhou City hosts first Park. The Chinese ask to only have the products 100% made in Italy, certified and guaranteed by a seal approved. Also the Dop will respect and protection in this park.  The Chinese Government calls for training its young graduates interested in discovering the creative entrepreneurship made in Italy, from fashion to tourism, from design to food. A Tuscan white wine The Mortelle seals the meeting.  Support from Ambassador Umberto Vattani.
On the occasion of Expo Milano there are different political, diplomatic delegations, business that have come in Italy for commitments, requests, agreements.
One of these agreements, is creating 20 Parks of Excellences in China, and the Chinese Government. The first Park will be inaugurated in October with the closing of the Expo, will be constructed in Zhejiang Province hi-tech capital of China, South of Shanghai. The 40,000 sqm Park is located in the main transportation and communications hub of Hangzhou City: 10 million inhabitants, 5 3 airports, subways, one of the first commercial sea-river ports in the delta of the Yangtze River, the Lake is part of the World Unesco Eritage.
Other parks are already studying in Brazil and in Mexico. "There are real opportunities in China with the parks of Excellences" these greeting words of Ambassador Umberto Vattani and Carmine Gelli FederImpresa President Northwest representing thousands of domestic enterprises. Maximum concreteness by the words of senior Chinese officials. Change of pace, setting exchange between different mentality, common study to resolve the issue of ownership of trademarks, patents, industrial and intellectual property.
It is a project supported by 400 Italian companies already certified with a cultural approach – as pointed out repeatedly by the representatives of the Chinese municipality – quality, design, taste, creativity. The business is later. The political Secretary of Hangzhou municipality (Mayor), Hu Zhenyu, stressed that the Chinese Government will create real opportunities to Italian companies, but especially wants the best Italian structures of made in Italy in China, many young Chinese graduates from forming in the art of creativity, design, style, Italian type mentality through the recognition, development the marketing of the best brands, in respect of patents, traceability.
The Italy is the main benchmarker in China. Several Chinese entrepreneurs and representatives of company Innovation and high fashion Qianjiang Inc. Chinese provincial municipalities: Wang Wu, President Chen Jun General Manager Wang Jian and Cai executive logistic center. The Park of Hangzhou is promoted by Alibaba platform, the largest in the world.
Giampietro Comolli, patron of UnPOxExPO2015, explained how the river Po, in a way similar to Chinese rivers, is a geographic identity-brand production with different food excellence related, cultural, design, training, sport of ' made in Italy ', an opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs, a valorisation of territorial district, a leader to create incoming tourism and, as such, can be an example for the rivers or ports in China.
In addition, he said, it is time to adapt the system of Dop Italian (and European) Chinese law in order to give reciprocal guarantees on the valence of a national trade mark, in respect of their patents through legal, legislative instruments and risk management. PDOs – ha concluso – are like the Dna of a product. The technical meeting was followed by a convivial moment with the taste at the table of the leading products: Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Culatello, Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar over rice of Lomellina, legumes and vegetables cuisine with a toast of the white wine of the Tuscan Coast, Vivia Mortelle. Much appreciated for the uniqueness of the blend and an international taste.
Present at the meeting as well as convivial Diodora Costantini responsible for training activities and parks to Carmine Gelli FederImpresa President Northwest representing thousands of Italian companies also export European Parliament Alberto Gambescia, Marco Cepeda of Cnr, Gelli FederImpresa President Carmine Northwest, Gianpiero ravagnan Ca Foscari, Professor Roberto Pasca di Magliano Foundation President Sapienza Rome, Stephen Trueman Director università La Sapienza Ennio La Malfa, Ferruccio Kronos Academy President Capone President Ats Irpinia, Kyle P. Unitelma's wisdom and the Brazilian Tourism Ministry representative, Roberto Minervini Environment Ministry.


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